Monday, November 23, 2009

Reginald Jones Fine Art Studio

Reginald Jones Fine Art

On the 12th of November one of my sister and I made a journey to our folk’s house in Tucson, Arizona....

I mentioned in one of my first blog posts that my father is an artist. I thought you might be interested in seeing his studio and some of his work.


He studies and paints pretty much everyday.

It's hard to see but he's working on a black bear and is studying several angles and proportions of head to body etc.

He could always tell if there was a pencil or pen missing from his collection.....

Latest painting on the electric easel.

Behind each white foam-core board is a painting and they are lined all around the studio.

We are currently looking for a good place to have a showing and sale....but in the mean time for more information and his bio please check out his website HERE.

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