Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas 2013

The Christmas Holiday is almost a distant memory now, but I still wanted to post some of our holiday fun and decor ideas.  Hope you had a beautiful Christmas and Holiday season best wishes in the New Year!

Cupid Designs
Cupid Designs did our Christmas...found on Etsy. I highly recommend as they were fast and easy to work with.

Front Door Decor

This year we decided to do an all white, silver and gold tree.

We entertained with a cocktail party-tons of food...no one went hungry!
Deviled Eggs, Brussel Sprouts &Garlic Aiole Sauce,  Roasted Asperagas with Dipping Sauce.
Large plater of mixed grapefruit slices, smoked salmon on mini blanched potatoes with chive creme friche.

Tons of wine, and cocktails abound!

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