Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Journey....

It seems most everyone is well on there way to facing the new year...I am a little farther behind. Because my birthday is in the middle of the month I usually give myself the whole month to reflex on the previous year and figure out what I want to accomplish in the new year.

One of the things I did this year was to scourer my journals for in site on how I greeted the previous years...I made a very sad discovery this year. Since about 2004 I have been writing about the same things, the same goals...what they are is not important, and I guess that's my point...they must not be very important to my 'being' either. So I'm throwing out the old concepts, goals and ideas, and looking for what I truly want for this new era.

So continuing the journey I had to look way back at my original influences to become an interior designer and what was so appealing and I arrived at someone who I haven't thought of in years, Alexandra Stoddard. She had a TV show, well before HGTV, that highlighted beautiful homes and living with joy. She states on her website "When we are true to ourselves, we can fly above stress and conflict, contented and confident that we are on the right path toward greater inner peace and lasting happiness."

So with this concept in mind, my new resolutions, goals, concepts and general way of living in the new century include Alexandra Stoddard's philosophy of living a life of happiness, and joy. Focusing less on the practical agenda and goal setting.

2010 is a beginning of a new century and requires a new way of being and to break the vicious cycle I will instead create concepts that are more about a journey and less about a list to check off items.

Thanks for coming along with me on my journey!


  1. it would be my honor to join you on your journey... i always love the places we end up!

    btw great post!

  2. I am so glad I stopped by! Very inspiring words beautiful imagery.