Monday, October 26, 2009

Living Room Fall Update

A few weeks ago I promised I would show you my living room that I just repainted and my fall decor. It took a bit longer to get the room painted and redecorated.

I painted the walls Farrow & Ball Terresa Green (25% lighter).

Normally I would use white pumpkins but this year I went for the traditional looks great against the the new soft green-blue. Enjoy the dollops of goodness.....

Wasabi Stopped moving for one second....she jumps up every time the flash goes off.

Sweet Sammy....


  1. you living room looks beautiful!!!!!!!
    really really nice.

  2. Joni-Thank you for checking out Creme Fresh and your sweet comment! I'm a huge fan...

  3. hi,

    i just found your blog via boxwood terrace. first i'd like to say i love the name of your blog. also, just love you living room. very beatiful. looking forward to seeing more of your home.


  4. Hi Kammy,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blogpost! It is always so nice to learn to know new people!
    Now I have discovered your blog! Your living room looks great!


  5. Looks great. Love Farrow and Ball too.... well done.