Monday, September 21, 2009

In Progress-Kitchen

My latest client remembered me from a sink I installed in the 2005 Assistances League Design House. I had designed the wine cellar and bathroom.

When she called my a few weeks back she just wanted to know where she could purchase the sink if still possible…so I left her a message that it was from Kohler and it was still available…I directed her to my local plumbing supply house and I thought was the end of that…..

A couple of weeks went by and another call came in-it was a request for a total kitchen remodel. Wow I wish every request for product information moved into a full blown project….

I guess I should tell you that my client has large dinner parties almost monthly, her and her friends call themselves the “bla bla group”. They get together and talk i.e. bla bla….

My client collects all kinds of dollops of goodness, like dishes, beautiful table clothes and linens, hotel silver you name it.

On one of her trips to Paris she saw two pieces of cut of marble on the side walk in the trash, she couldn’t help herself, and she picked it up and put it in her suit case and dragged them back home. This sums up how fabulous my client is....One of these great pieces of marble is going to be inserted in a piece of butcher block for a little interest and for her to remember her trip when she sees it in her kitchen.

Here are some before photos.....


Here is a glimpse of some of the materials we will be using in the kitchen.

Calcutta Gold for the Counters, Medina tile from Ann Sacks for the backsplash, Cork floors from Expanko & Tin on the Ceiling....and lots of bead board for the cottage feeling.

We haven't finalized the paint or the fabrics yet so you will have to stay tuned.....

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