Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First dollop of goodness.....

This is my opening blog, so here's who I am.

Los Angeles designer, Kammy Kenman was raised in the Napa Valley by her artist parents and attended California State University, Chico graduating in 1989 with a BA in design.

Kammy’s trademark style has been heavily influenced by her Napa Valley roots, where the living is casual yet sophisticated. Kammy’s father who spent 40 years as a graphics designer/business owner in San Francisco and is now a fine arts painter also lent a great deal of influence to Kammy’s style.

With over 20 years in the design business, Kammy has honed her style and overall approach to design. She doesn’t believe in merely living within the confines of one particular design aesthetic, she loves the challenge of perfectly blending the old and the new, balancing the modern with the antique and finding the perfect point where casual meets classic. It is this unique mix – the perfect mélange that Kammy believes creates stunning rooms where people feel the most at easy in.

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  1. Congratulations in your blog.
    We will look forward to your postings and to your creations, you are always an inspiration